Our Values

Each morning, we look in the mirror. Everything we do must live up to our values – or nothing else is worth it. 
We aim to do what’s right. 


We say what we’ll do, and we do what we say. Period.



We respect everyone we deal with – from our clients, to our colleagues, to our opponents. Not everyone sees the benefit of respect, and that’s a shame. We’ll respect others even when it’s not returned. But we won’t give an inch.


Businesses leaders faced with a legal challenge need advice and options. We’ll lead the way to hand you those two things, and let you make the call. Then we salute and execute. 



Life goes on after work. Our actions at work reflect not only on our own character, but also on the character of our clients. That perspective keeps us in check.


Our values drive how we work.  That covers everything from
our lean approach to our thought leadership. 

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Battle Tested, Peer Approved

We have seen the inside of courtrooms. We’ve struck deals at the negotiating table, and we’ve pushed away from it. For our trial teams, your dispute is hardly their first.  

Our peers appreciate it. Super Lawyers has selected our principal for its Rising Stars list in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and again in 2018. And many lawyers who don’t do what we do refer their clients to us. We are honored to work in the best legal climate in the United States.

Rising Stars is a Thomson Reuters attorney rating service.


Our attorneys are thought leaders. They share their experience by speaking at prestigious events and writing for well-distributed publications. It sharpens us. We then bring those same lessons to bear in our work tenaciously.



We staff lean. Thoughtful case management: It’s how we work, start to finish. We question which stones must be turned over and when – all focused on your goals. Our clients also reap the benefits of our streamlined overhead.  

All these things combined, we work hard to shave down your legal spend. Yet we play to win. 

We’ve written for Texas Lawyer about it twice.  Our first article gave tips to cut defense costs with an efficient claim resolution mechanism and a lean-and-mean defense.  The second looked at ways to push employee dispute resolution to your own backyard.



Technology backs up our lawyers. Our IT infrastructure gives us vast access to our data from nearly any location. One lawyer even took a deposition down at the courthouse on the fly. He didn’t have a single scrap of paper or any time to prepare. But with access the entire case file on his iPad, he nailed down critical testimony.

Client data is still kept secure. Remote access doesn’t have to sacrifice security. We also exchange documents with our clients by secure online file transfer.