Alan Bush mediates civil disputes of all kinds. Approach and experience set him apart.


Alan listens to everybody, then calls it how he sees it. The parties need an objective look at trial and appeal. That way, everybody can look for a deal to end the dispute which reflects their realistic day in court. Alan won’t pull punches to provide that. 

Winning at trial isn’t always victory. Winning carries a cost, so the juice might not be worth the squeeze. Voltaire cut straight to it: “I was never ruined but twice: once when I lost a lawsuit, and once when I won.”

Win or lose in court, Alan has always learned. He’s seen when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.

Alan is no “number passer.” He’s seen first-hand how that can just entrench the parties in their positions. Alan instead works hard to help all parties see clearly.

Alan sticks with it. If everyone pushes away from the table without a deal, the case just hasn’t settled yet. Expect Alan to follow up.

Don’t mistake Alan for a jerk. He takes the long view – with a sense of humor. He’s written for Texas Lawyer about what he learned from his day on an oil rig, real-deal boxing match for charity, past life as a plaintiff’s lawyer and campaign manager work for his wife.


For over 15 years, Alan has duked it out in the courtroom. His practice focuses on commercial and employment disputes.

Other lawyers appreciate Alan. The second year after launching his firm, Super Lawyers selected Alan to its Rising Stars list. He’s made the list seven years straight.

Both sides of a case are no stranger to Alan. The first 6 years of his practice, he represented the employee-turned-plaintiff. Since then, Alan has only defended employers. He’s also been on both sides of the “v” in commercial disputes. That grounds his advice in objectivity.

Some say that employment law is the “family law of the business world.” There’s truth in that. Employment lawsuits often boil down to this: Someone got upset with the boss and sued the company. Toss in a job loss, and you’ve got emotions running high. But Alan consistently strives to keep the process sane.

Alan's bio can be found here.

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Let us never negotiate out of fear.
But let us never fear to negotiate.
—  John F. Kennedy 

Locations include the MAC on Lake Woodlands,

the Heights Mediation Center, and Midtown Mediation Center.

You may check Alan’s availability and schedule a mediation online here. Weekends and evenings are not shown. If you need to mediate outside normal business hours, please e-mail Tiffany Dupree at

When Alan mediates a dispute, he will not later represent any party to the dispute.