Take a walk down our Main Street HR talk series.  In it, we’ll cover all the legal HR basics – updated, of course, for recent legal news.  Each talk will last roughly one hour with ample time for Q&A during the presentation.

But we slant our talks.  Look for pointers that will help even seasoned HR practitioners.  Listen up for places where having heart matters.

How come we’re the tour guides?  Well, HR legal is where we live, and we love our neighborhood. 

No sweat if you can’t make a talk.  The slide decks will be posted here.  Don’t forget that, in our talks, we go off script and share the color.  You’ll miss that piece looking at our slide decks alone.  Feel free to give us a shout about the details you missed.



The Right FOOT

June 30, 2017 at 12-1pm - Bush Law Firm PowerPoint Slides

Folks say: “Start out on the right foot.”  In HR legal land, that’s hiring.  We’ll load you up to do it right. 

Our talk will cover everything from job descriptions, to job postings, to pre-employment background checks and testing, to offer letters, to employment eligibility, to onboarding paperwork.  Shoot, we’ll even discuss how to set initial pay and tackle the thorny question: “Can initial pay account for the candidate’s pay on the last job?”  Pay discrimination claims lurk there.



Documenting performance Management:


August 11, 2017 at 12-1pm - Bush Law Firm PowerPoint Slides

Nobody loves to document performance issues.  It’s HR’s red-headed stepchild.  (Sorry if you’re one, my wife is.  Love to her!) 

Come on out to hear about what to document, when to document it, how to decide the severity of the discipline meted out, how to document it and how to deliver it to the employee.  We’ll even dive deeper.  Are annual evaluations dead?  How about progressive discipline policies?  How do you get a weak manager back on track documenting his team’s performance?  What red flags might make you think about calling in HR legal?


Escargot and employee lawsuits: 

Best gulped down fast?

October 6, 2017 at 12-1pm - Bush Law Firm PowerPoint Slides

Legal defense costs can be out of whack on employee claims, motivating companies to settle for more than they’d like. Instead of a lawsuit dragging on for years while defense costs mount, is there a faster way? Sometimes there is. How you resolve the dispute – jury, judge or arbitrator – matters. So does your counsel’s litigation strategy. Let’s talk it out. We’ll also check out the latest from SCOTUS and the federal courts on how to tweak an arbitration policy to get the most out of it, like having employees waive their right to band together in a class action or sharply limiting discovery.

Employee handbooks:

THE crash course

November 17, 2017 at 12-1pm - Bush Law Firm PowerPoint Slides

Got an employee handbook? Good. Every handbook could use a refresher. We’ll talk you through the places where recent legal changes have left you exposed – along with some lesser-known policies that can pay off big-time.

No handbook? No worries. You’ll get on the road to recovery.


Firing and Layoffs:


Date TBD - Location TBD

Employees can see HR as wielding the fickle finger of fate – tapping folks on the shoulder when their days with the company are done.  Yes, terminations and layoffs.  None of it is fun, but it can be done with the right heart.

Here’s what we’ll run down.  We’ll drill deep into how to release one employee, focusing on how to tighten up your HR work so plaintiff’s counsel can’t take advantage of you.  From there, you’ll get a mass layoff boot camp – covering everything from selection criteria, to the WARN Act, to ADEA requirements for large group releases



Date TBD - Location TBD


Workplace complaints and investigations

Date TBD - Location TBD

Overtime Pay Basics

Date TBD - Location TBD