Labor & Employment

Labor and employment law is for the front lines, for the corner office and for the boardroom. We will show you how traditional employment issues affect your bottom line, then move decisively to improve it. That is how we practice.


Trade Secrets 

Protect your competitive edge.

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Your business has spent thousands of dollars and countless hours developing your secret playbook.  Knowledge gives you an unmistakable advantage over the competition.  Now protect it.

You can insist that your employees keep your true business secrets inside your office.  Although we recommend using strong non-disclosure agreements, having one is not always necessary for an employer to protect its rights.  Employees must not use or disclose your trade secrets for personal gain.

An ex-employee, however, has every right to use his or her own personal knowledge and skills.  That is a level playing field. Otherwise, individuals could not pursue the American dream by finding other jobs or starting a business.

We prosecute and defend lawsuits alleging the misuse of trade secrets and confidential information as part of our labor & employment legal services.  


Non-compete Agreements

Call the shots.

Non-compete and non-solicit agreements, when legally enforceable, let an employer call certain competition by ex-employees off limits.  These agreements are the cleanest way to keep your ex-employees from using your secret playbook against you while working for a direct competitor.

We prosecute and defend lawsuits concerning non-compete and non-solicit agreements.


Overtime Liability

Preserve your working capital.

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Lawsuits alleging failure to pay for overtime work can quickly blossom into disputes with dozens, if not hundreds, of employees seeking back wages and double damages for up to three years ago.  By their sheer magnitude, these suits threaten an employer’s working capital.

Our employment and labor law services make it possible for overtime lawsuits to be strategically defended.  Better still, an employer can audit its employment practices to guard against a suit from being filed in the first place.

We defend against overtime lawsuits and counsel with employers to avoid them.


Employment Litigation

Maintain morale and hold the line.

Litigation with an employee or ex-employee threatens your employees’ morale.  It also poses financial risks.  Employees may bring claims for wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, retaliation or defamation just to name a few.  Our work as litigation counsel focuses on achieving your goals while maintaining your key relationships.

We defend against employment litigation.


Union Relations and Avoidance

Your flexibility is at stake.

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Dealing with unions can increase the transactional cost of a company’s labor pool, while putting a huge dent in the workforce’s flexibility.  Many companies prefer to avoid unions where possible.  Others work in industries where management has inherited a union.

We counsel with companies on solid union avoidance practices.  And if a workforce has already been organized, we deal with union relations and negotiations.


Management Coaching

Know the answer before the test.

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We coach management on how to structure employment relationships and how to deal with real situations before they turn into employment lawsuits.  Critical risk areas include:

  • Executive compensation
  • Ethics policies and training
  • Employee handbooks
  • Employment agreements
  • Terminations
  • Layoffs and WARN Act compliance
  • Workplace investigations
  • Discrimination and harassment complaints
  • Investigations by federal and state agencies
  • Interviewing and selection process
  • Family and medical leave
  • Exemptions from overtime pay
  • Independent contractor classification
  • Overtime pay calculation
  • Work eligibility verification with I-9’s
  • Trade secrets and confidential information security