What Campaigns Can Teach Lawyers About Negotiating


Alan Bush is a freelance contributor for Texas Lawyer. He’s at it again. His latest article, “What Campaigns Can Teach Lawyers About Negotiating” appeared on March 15, 2019.

Here’s what Alan had to say about it:

Legal negotiations aren’t too dissimilar from election campaigns, as I’ve learned from personal experience. Twice now, I’ve served as my wife’s campaign manager. This time around, the experience taught me some lessons about legal negotiations. Convincing voters to pick my wife as county treasurer over a sitting incumbent isn’t that far off from coaxing everybody to a deal.

Read the full article for more. In it, Alan shares the lessons he learned like:

·       Listen to your voter.

·       Remember the silent majority.

·       Speak the voter’s language.

·       Wield facts like a scalpel, not a machete.

Alan wrote about his wife’s first campaign in Trial Lessons from Running a Campaign.

Whether he’s working as a partisan advocate or as a neutral mediator, Alan’s time as a campaign manager focuses him on people.