President Trump and #MeToo: Big Hitters on Arbitration Class Waivers

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Alan Bush is a freelance contributor for Texas Lawyer. His latest article, “Big Hitters on Arbitration Class Waivers” appeared in the August print issue.

Both President Trump and #MeToo have had a huge impact on arbitration class waivers – which can make employee class lawsuits go extinct. Here’s what Alan had to say about it:

Both President Donald Trump and #MeToo swung for the fences on the same issue: employee arbitration. Here’s the box score. Arbitration class waivers got the green light, but there’s a new move to push sexual harassment claims out of arbitration and into court.

Where does that leave employers? Arbitration looks better than ever. An employer who doesn’t give arbitration a hard look may regret it…

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Alan has written about arbitration class waivers for Texas Lawyer twice before. Here are those two articles: