HR Southwest 2017: Living With the Complaining Employee


HR Southwest is the second largest SHRM conference in the US, behind the national conference. HRSW has tapped Alan Bush to speak for the sixth year running – this time, on three topics. Lee Winkelman will join him again this year.

Alan and Lee will cover retaliation claims in this topic:

Living With the Complaining Employee

The investigation is done, and you’ve decided how to fairly address the employee’s complaint. Don’t step in it now. The way HR conveys the investigation result and manages the aftermath can hand the employee ammo for a retaliation claim. No doubt, working with an employee who took a complaint to HR can be tough.  The EEOC has weighed in on how to prevent retaliation with “guidance.” Government enforcers (and juries) may judge HR’s actions against the EEOC’s best practices. Get ready.

Where: Fort Worth Convention Center

When: 10.3.17 at 11:15a – 12:15p