Spring Accounting Expo: Overtime Pay – Sleepless in San Antonio

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The Spring Accounting Expo is a premier event of the Houston CPA Society targeting CPA’s who work in industry. Over 1,000 attendees converge on NRG Center for the event. Again this year, the Houston CPA Society tapped Alan Bush and Lee Winkelman to speak for the Expo on this topic:

Spring Accounting Expo | Houston CPA Society

Overtime Pay Sleepless in San Antonio

May 23, 2017

Ok, so overtime pay is a snore? Not so fast. Class actions and personal liability are at stake. The Department of Labor estimates that 70% of companies are breaking today’s overtime pay law. The DOL also threw in a curve ball – temporarily stalled changes to its overtime regulations that make lots more folks non-exempt. That may trigger a fresh round of off-the-clock work lawsuits. And the DOL has teamed up with the IRS to crack down on independent contractor misclassification. Brace yourself. Fortify your defenses against off-the-clock claims; handle your contractor’s right. Along the way, we’ll have a laugh or two.

When:            3:20p

Where:           NRG Center

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