Silicon Valley Wage Gap Lawsuits to Visit the Petro Metro?

Silicon Valley has faced a recent spate of wage gap lawsuits, but will that trend make it to the Petro Metro? The US Department of Labor has launched lawsuits against Google, Oracle and Palantir – to name a few. Check out the latest courtroom drama from the Google lawsuit here.

No surprise that Silicon Valley’s a target. Forbes recently reported on the 10 industries with the largest wage gaps. Silicon Valley’s industry classification hit the #3 slot.

What about Houston – heavy in energy and medical? Yup, those two industries claimed the #4 and #5 slots. Manufacturing hit #9.

But for the energy industry, there’s more. Forbes recently reported that the energy biz “is still the one with the most glaring inequality issue.” Here’s the article.

Even if there’s a pay gap, that doesn’t necessary mean there’s a legal problem. Differences in pay can be explained by system that ties pay to seniority, merit or production – or any factor other than sex. Trick is, the employer has got to prove it. Are you prepared for that?

Legal problem or not, count on the DOL and plaintiff’s counsel to take note.