Gulf Coast Symposium: Living With the Complaining Employee

Gulf Coast Symposium is the second largest SHRM conference in Texas with more than 2,100 attendees.  The Symposium has tapped Alan Bush and Lee Winkelman to speak. One of Alan’s and Lee’s two topics deals with:

Gulf Coast Symposium | HR Houston

Living With the Complaining Employee

May 11, 2017

The investigation is done, and you’ve decided how to fairly address the employee’s complaint.  Don’t step in it now.  How HR conveys the investigation result and manages the aftermath can hand the employee ammo for a retaliation claim.  The EEOC has weighed in with some “guidance” on preventing retaliation.  Government enforcers (and juries) may judge HR’s actions against the EEOC’s best practices.  Get ready.

When:           10:00a – 1st delivery

                      3:45p – 2nd delivery

Where:          NRG Center