HR Southwest: When The Other Guy’s Employees Are Yours Too

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HR Southwest is the second largest SHRM conference in the US, behind the national conference.  HRSW has tapped Alan Bush as a speaker for the fifth year running and Lee Winkelman for his maiden voyage.  One of Alan’s and Lee’s topics will deal with:

HR Southwest | SHRM Conference for the Southwest US

When The Other Guy’s Employees Are Yours Too

October 18, 2016

Employee lawsuits are always better when they are somebody else’s problem.  Federal employment laws stick liability on the “employer.”  Not on the company’s payroll, not an employee?  Not so fast.  The company that cuts the paycheck isn’t necessarily the only employer.  Both the National Labor Relations Board and the Department of Labor have weighed in.  The agencies are aiming to put more companies on the hook to do penance for the HR sins of common commercial partners – like corporate subsidiaries and even vendors.  Let’s unpack the feds’ efforts and see how companies can push back.

When: 7 – 8a

Where: Fort Worth Convention Center