HR Southwest: HR Optics

HR Southwest is the second largest SHRM conference in the US, behind the national conference.  HRSW has tapped Alan Bush as a speaker for the fifth year running and Lee Winkelman for his maiden voyage.  One of Alan’s and Lee’s topics will deal with:

HR Southwest | SHRM Conference for the Southwest US

HR Optics

October 17, 2016

It’s hard to know how you’re perceived in the moment – stepping back lets you see the optics.  That’s exactly what we’ll do.  Our legal team will act out common employee relations scenarios so you can see how HR’s reaction could be taken by a group of 12 folks picked at random to decide the company’s fate (hint, hint, a jury).  Our scenarios may make you snicker, but in the real world, it’s no laughing matter.  From candidate interviews, to witness interviews, to terminations, to exit interviews, see how HR looks from the outside.  Then adjust your optics.

When: 11:45a – 12:45p

Where: Fort Worth Convention Center