Religious Expression in the Workplace: Texas Lawyer


Lee Winkelman and Alan Bush are freelance contributors for Texas Lawyer.  Their latest article, “If Tolerance for Religious Expression in Public is Waning, What Does That Mean for the Workplace?” appeared on May 10, 2016.

Employers must reasonably accommodate religious expression in the workplace if it’s a religious practice.  Here’s what Lee and Alan had to say about it:

Religious expression is often tangled up with religious belief. It can be controversial – especially at work. Take, for example, Christianity. The Bible just hit the No. 6 slot on the American Liberty Association’s list of the most challenged books. Christ himself said that his followers stand out from their surroundings like salt and light. The Christian faith requires action. The book of James leaves no room for discussion: “Don’t just listen to God’s work. Do what it says.” And Christ-followers bring their faith to work. Other religions echo the same sentiments. Let’s unpack how in-house counsel can help HR make the call between religious expression and religious harassment…

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