Texas CPA Society EXPO: Overtime Pay Nightmares – Don’t Lose Sleep

The Texas CPA Society has tapped Alan Bush and Lee Winkelman as speakers for its EXPO in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.  Here’s their topic:

EXPO | Texas CPA Society

Overtime Pay Nightmares – Don’t Lose Sleep

December 3, 8 and 11

The Department of Labor estimates that 70% of companies are out of compliance with the current federal overtime law.  The DOL just threw in a curve ball – proposed changes to its overtime regulations.  All the while, the DOL is teaming up with the IRS to crack down on independent contractor misclassification.  Plaintiff’s lawyers have followed suit.  Overtime lawsuits are the nastiest claim in HR-land.  They quickly mushroom into class actions where individual liability is on the table.  How do you prevent (or at least minimize) overtime claims?  We'll talk it out.