Upcoming Seminar for The Woodlands Bar Association

Alan Bush often speaks at seminars for business leaders—such as line executives, finance executives, human resource professionals, CPA’s and lawyers.  You can hear Alan at:

Woodlands Bar Association | CLE Luncheon

Forward HR Intelligence: Get There First

February 7, 2013

Think like the other side.  Expose how plaintiff’s lawyers, government enforcers or competitors can exploit weak spots in a company’s HR systems created recently by courts and regulators.  Then fix it.  We’ll talk it out—all the way from retaliation claim ambush, to non-compete agreements, to the juiciest overtime lawsuit trends.  Hear it straight from an ex-plaintiff’s lawyer, turned 100% company man.

Where: Jasper’s

When: 11:45a – 1p

RSVP: http://www.woodlandsbarassociation.com