Texas Lawyer – Out of the Boxing Ring, Into the Courtroom


Texas Lawyer has signed up Alan Bush as a freelance contributor.  His latest article, "Out of the Boxing Ring, Into the Courtroom," appeared in Out of Order commentary section.

Here's what Alan had to say about what boxing has taught him about litigation:

Boxing is a contact sport, just like litigation.  That’s why the boxing ring has a lot to teach trial counsel and in-house litigation managers about the courtroom.

I’ve duked it out in a lot of courtrooms, but I only recently took up boxing, and it has changed my take on litigation.  Here are a few things I’ve learned.

Respect the opponent.  The quickest path to defeat in the boxing ring is to underestimate an opponent.  That leads to slouching in training and bad-mouthing the other fighter.  Next thing the contender knows, he’s on the mat wondering what hit him.

Humility wins bouts and trials.  I always consider myself the underdog to avoid complacency...

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