Texas Lawyer – Provisions That Turbocharge a Non-Compete

Texas Lawyer has signed up Alan Bush as a freelance contributor.  His first article, “Provisions That Turbocharge a Noncompete,” appeared in the December 12, 2011 issue.

Here’s what Alan had to say about how a smartly drafted non-compete can make trial counsel grin from ear to ear:

Firing up a noncompete suit takes guts.  Hands down, the dispute is about a company’s competitive edge.  In most cases, a key employee has learned the company’s secret playbook, then jumped ship to a direct competitor.  All eyes are on trial counsel to deliver a temporary restraining order.  Tensions are high, and time is short.

When working under those conditions, I’ve found a few noncompete provisions that make me crack a smile.  They give my client an edge and let me know my job will be a little bit easier.  Let’s take a peek at provisions in-house counsel can include during the drafting stage that increase the odds of a company victory.

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