Upcoming MC-SHRM Seminar on Non-Competes

Alan Bush often speaks at seminars for business leaders—such as line executives, finance executives, human resource professionals, CPA’s and lawyers.  You can hear Alan at: MC-SHRM | General Meeting

New Day for Non-Competes: Secure Your Investment in Human Capital

June 12, 2012

You invest in human capital.  You share the ball—employees learn your secret playbook and leverage your goodwill.  Texas courts enforce non-competes to keep your secret playbook out of your competitors’ hands, but Marsh v. Cook breaks new ground.  Non-competes now prevent your goodwill from walking out the door with a key employee.  We’ll talk it out.

Where: Lone Star College

When: 3:30 – 5p

RVSP: http://www.mc-shrm.org/