Union Rights Posters: A Union's Newest Tool to Organize

Well, it happened.  We predicted the NLRB would approve the proposed rule that requires all employers covered by the NLRA to post a union rights notice.  The rule became law yesterday.  It impacts basically all private employers—unionized or not.

Here's the NLRB's Q&A sheet on the final rule.  The poster will be "similar" to the one already required of federal contractors.  You can find that poster here.  You must comply by November 14.

You now have the privilege of telling your employees about their rights to unionize and engage in concerted activity.  The rule requires you to post the notice in "conspicuous places where they are readily seen by employees."  That's your bulletin board.  You may also have to distribute the poster on via e-mail or on your intranet if you customarily use those channels to push out information to your employees.

The poster also tells employees how to complain to the NLRB if they feel their NLRA rights have been violated.  Get ready for a new type of complainers.  But remember that they are also protected from retaliation for filing an unfair labor practice charge.

Union avoidance measures now take on a higher priority.  Expect unions to leverage greater employee awareness into pro-union agitating and organizing drives.  After all, the NLRB is also considering a proposed rule to shorten union election timelines—giving unions a greater element of surprise.

Immunize against a union's biggest advantage with advance preparedness.