Upcoming Seminar for Business Leaders

Alan Bush often speaks at seminars for business leaders—such as line executives, finance executives, human resource professionsals, CPA's and lawyers.  You can hear Alan at:

Texas Workforce Commission | Seminar Series

Strategic Policies to Shield Your Company from Overtime Claims

June 14, 2011

Employment law matters to a company's strategic operations.  Alan will talk about how solid HR practices protect your working capital from costly overtime claims.  From a business perspective, he'll answer:

  • Who files lawsuits for unpaid overtime?
  • What makes overtime lawsuits so costly?
  • Which policies, if done wrong, are most often ground zero for an expensive overtime collective action and how do you get those policies right?
  • What steps can you take to limit your company's exposure to damages?

When:  10:00 am

Where:  TWC Workforce Solutions—Hobby

RSVP:  WFS_HRClaims_eFlyer