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Alan Bush often speaks at seminars for business leaders−such as line executives, finance executives, human resource professionals, CPA’s and lawyers.  You can hear Alan at:

Houston CPA Society | CFO-Controller Luncheon

Employment Law for Business Leaders: Protect your competitive edge and working capital

January 21, 2011

Non-Compete Agreements: Protect your competitive edge

  • Identify your company’s secret playbook information—like financials, customer information, margins or upcoming product and market launches.
  • Learn how non-compete, non-solicit and non-disclosure agreements keep your secret playbook out of your competitors’ hands.
  • Sketch over the legal protections against employees taking your trade secrets—enforceable obligations without any paper agreements.

Overtime Claims: Preserve your working capital

  • Expose how a plaintiff’s lawyer sizes up an overtime claim.
  • Make your company an unattractive target by learning which employment policies are ground zero for the most expensive overtime lawsuits, as well as how to get those policies right.
    • Job descriptions might lead to misclassification as salaried exempt.
    • Independent contractor agreements might make you miss paying overtime to a real employee.
  • Cover any gaps with best practices to reduce your damages exposure.

When: 11:30a to 1:30p

Where: Houston CPA Training Facility

RSVP Form: 1-21-11-lunch-flier