Commercial Litigation

Business can get rough when people don’t see eye-to-eye.  We strive to resolve these disputes professionally, favorably and as quickly as possible.  No matter if the case leads us to the bargaining table or the courtroom, we will confidently represent you.


Contract Disputes

Get down to business.

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Contracts can lead to disputes.  What does the parties’ agreement obligate them to do?  Did one side breach the contract?  Who breached it first?  Is there a legally excusable reason for breaching the contract?  Did an outsider wrongfully interfere in the parties’ relationship?

We prosecute and defend claims for breach of contract and tortuous interference with business relationships as part of our commercial litigation services.


Fraud Disputes

Raise the stakes.

Fraud allegations can turn an ordinary business dispute into a pitched battle.  The dispute is no longer about living up to a contract, but is now about misleading statements.  Punitive damages also come into play.  With higher stakes, both sides must litigate with a potential trial in mind.

We prosecute and defend fraud claims.


Fiduciary Duty Disputes

Hold firm to the gravest duties.

Businesspeople may hold positions as company officers, employees or agents, for example that carry with them fiduciary duties.  These are the most serious duties the law imposes.  Allegations that one side has breached its fiduciary duties expose that side to substantial financial and business risks.  Accordingly, these claims must be pursued or defended with deadly seriousness.

We prosecute and defend fiduciary duty claims.